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Artemix has been a creative innovator in the entertainment industry since 1998. We specialize in popular artistry such as Body Art, Airbrush Party Favors and Handpainted Favors. Artemix has brought together a team of over 60 artists, each one with their own unique style and flare, that services over 200 companies throughout the Tri-State Area. In addition to beautiful service, our artists provide respect and loyalty, never forgetting that we are an integral part of the event. Our goal is to make everyone's day memorable.

Our high quality of work and our ability to incorporate the latest trends into our designs have dazzled our satisfied clients for 12 years. Our professional and energetic image has placed us on the top tier of the industry and has allowed us to work with such prestigious clients like Macy's, Bloomingdales, and MTV, just to name a few. We have also donated our services to fundraisers benefitting cancer research and other worthwhile causes.

Artemix is aware of the latest colors, fashions and trends. We continue to research & develop new products to raise the standard of our services to new and innovative levels. As a result, the quality of our artwork and materials are unsurpassed. Let us entertain you!

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The Artemix Team


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